Hannah Blight-Anderson is an emerging young artist currently based in Bristol.

A visual artist, Hannahs work is an ongoing investigation into the ideas of what constitutes a portrait in todays society. She works in various mediums, dismantling and re-assembling what impacts on an individuals identity. The differing treatment of materials is used to highlight vital human elements and individual traits, creating a visual insight into the psyche of living breathing human beings.


She has been selected to show her work across the UK, including The Mall Galleries, Tate Modern, The Engine Shed, Argo Gallery and has featured as part of Wells Art Contemporary, Bath Fringe Festival and the Jerwood Drawing Prize. Hannah has also received the Harry Walker RWA Memorial Young Artist Prize (2013), Beep International Painting Prize (2014) and Kennith Armitage Foundation Student Sculpture Award (2015).


                                                                                                            "Can you ever truly see yourself?


To be is to be perceived- to know oneself is only possible through the eyes of another


Art is in the seeing

Our vision is constantly active, reacting to the present surrounding’s, informing each moment of our lives.

When you look at your reflection, what do you see?

What is essential to our being?

We are not static or fixed forms but in constant transit, alongside the world we live in."


Written by Hannah Blight-Anderson 2015



Hannah Blight Anderson

Hannah Blight Anderson